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I was experiencing car trouble 5 hours away from home. I called Kwik Kar and Tyson answered the phone right away and answered my question, he was polite and courteous. Don't remember the man name who fixed my brakes but he was an Angel sent. He was honest and polite as well. The lady at the counter was knowledgeable and nice also. This was the best experience ever. I called Firestone at first and their customer service was not good at all. But very comforting when I called Kwik Kar they made me feel welcomed and I knew immediately where I was taking my vehicle . Thank you all! (Originally posted to Google.)

— Tivera E., Galveston, TX

Chris and Tyson are amazing and help me with everything I needed and they are very professional at what they do. (Originally posted to Google.)

— Sheila K., Galveston, TX

They are friendly, honest, and efficient. Their prices are great too. If they cant fix it for you, they'll send you to someone who can. (Originally posted to Google.)

— Ty C., Galveston, TX

Hi my name is Anthony Dogan. I always get my oil changed and get my fluids checked here at the Broadway location here in Galveston Tx. The staff works hard as a team and gets the job done. Mr. Steven did a great job on getting me in and out in a timely manner he checked my fluids and air pressure in my tires. The staff deserves an increase in hourly pay plus bonuses on their pay checks. Thank you. Anthony Dogan. Keep up the good work....

— Anthony D., Galveston, TX

I had a great experience with Kwik car this morning when Mr. Steve helped me out with my car. Over all i always get my fluids topped off and air in my tires if it is low. I mainly get all my oil changes with Kwik car on Broadway St in Galveston Tx. I want to give everyone an hourly increase in pay and bonuses on their checks. Thank you. Anthony Dogan

— Anthony D., Galveston, TX